Partition wall width



45 to 54 DB RW+C

Possible claddings

Vinyl, melamine, laminated, wood, leather, metal, glass

Possible use


GHOST has been created out of excellency and elegance. Designed without compromises to meet the highest specifications, GHOST offers the performances of an exceptional partition wall.

GHOST has been designed to meet all office partitioning needs, and for everyone who does not want to compromise on esthetics, movability, acoustics and finishing quality. The basic idea behind the GHOST concept was: “No structure, horizontal nor vertical, should be visible”. Mission accomplished! All cladding connexions are edge-to-edge, including with door blocks. Connexions with the building are made with a horizontal or vertical shadow gap. Thanks to its tolerances and height capacities, the GHOST partition wall is perfectly adapted for campuses and high-rise building and ideal for renovation projects. It features unique acoustic performances for a partition wall, from 40 to 50 dB RW+C. In addition, glazed and solid claddings can be entirely reused in reduced timings thanks to its high adjustability - up to 40mm in width or height. 

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