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Men and women are our company’s added value. At INTERIOR, we firmly believe that the success of your projects do not only depend on the products we develop, but also on our ability to implement them and to adapt them to your needs in due time. Therefore, men and women are at the core of our business development, in all departments.

Our orginis

We founded INTERIOR in 1981 and have been co-leading it for... over 35 years!

We have been driving our business with passion. At the beginning, our entrepreneurial spirit was a strong driving force. We were a multidisciplinary team of two people, happily mixing a bunch of skills: qualified architect (DPLG), senior technician in the field of photographic industries and various sales experiences, including in the construction industry. Who’s who? It doesn’t matter: we can each be one or the other. With no money, no clients, and no network, we relied on the values we shared and that drive all SMEs: the value of work and the passion for building. Step by step, we have convinced our customers and have retained them thanks to our motto: quality, deadline and customer service. We still strive for these values and share them with all our staff and loyal customers. To our greatest joy, our loyal customers are increasingly embracing these values. They also support our willingness to constantly develop new products, which is a guarantee of the health and long-lasting success of our company.

Marie-Hélène Mercereau & Jean-Paul Lavergne

Founder - CEO
Founder - CE

Management Team


Associate Technical Director


Associate Sales Director

Our work environment and our facility

Made in France

Our partition walls are entirely manufactured in France in 2 high-tech plants that meet the European highest standards. Our products are therefore certified with Qualicoat and Qualanod labels in ISO14001 plants. Cladding and assembly parts are made in Europe, and in France whenever possible.

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